Day of the Regatta. St Valery
1970 31x39

Jason Berger

Day of the Regatta, St Valery 1970

JASON BERGER (January 22, 1924 – October 17, 2010) was a Boston landscape painter, connected to Boston Expressionism. He painted from nature and often used the same location to explore his passion, the visual language. The first paintings were done on site, then brought into the studio and new studio paintings were created from them. He would simplify shapes, color, and composition returning to the ideas over and again. These series or motifs were inspired from locations in New England, Europe and Mexico and were created over his lifetime.

His approach was direct, his vision clear, his paintings full of structural elegance with the results being a positive and optimistic expression. Renowned for his humor, love of jazz, and his upbeat approach to painting, his work expresses the joy of life and love of place.

Because Jason Berger was so prolific a painter, this website attempts to organize his many works simply. In the "portfolio" there are four major sections, his early and last works, his motifs (which take one image/motif and explores it through dozens of paintings) and the locations he painted frequently (Portugal, France, Holland, and New England). Enjoy!